Pali Marwar

​Total Population​​ ​Absolute  ​​ ​ ​​ Percentage ​ ​​  
​Total Rural ​Urban ​Total Rural ​Urban
​Persons ​2037573 ​1577567 ​460006 ​100.00 77.42 22.58
Males ​1025422 ​787559 ​237863 ​100.00 76.80 23.20
​Females 1012151 ​790008 ​222143 ​100.00 78.05 21.95
​Demographic & Health indicators (Census of India & annual health survey 2010-11) 2011-12​
​Crude Birth Rate (No. of live births Per thousand mid year population) ​22.8
​​Crude Death Rate (No. of deaths Per thousand mid year population) 6.6
​Infant Mortality rate (No. of infant deaths per thousand live births) 54
​Under Five Mortality Rate (No. of under five deaths per thousand live births) 76
​Population Served Per Medical Institution (Annual Progress Report- DMHS) 3144
​​Population Served Per Bed (Annual Progress Report- DMHS) ​1178
​Women and Child ​2001
​Total Fertility Rate  4.4
​Overall Sex ratio (Females per 1000 males) among SC Population 958
​​OVERALL Sex ratio (Females per 1000 males) among ST Population​​
About Pali Marwar
Pali District
Pali Is A District Of Rajasthan Which Has Its Existence From The Pre Historic Age. Pali Town Is The Headquarter Of The District. Pali Have 9 Sub- Divisons Or Tehsils Namely- Sojat,
Marwar Junction, Jaitaran, Raipur, Sumerpur, Bali, Pali, Rohat And Desuri. Rani Is Proposed To Be The 10Th Tehsil Of Pali District. Pali District Is One Of The Well-Known Tourist
Destinations Of India.

Pali District Location
Pali Is Located In The South Western Side Of Rajasthan. It Is Sorrounded By Nagaur District To The North, Ajmer District To The Northeast, Rajsamand District To The East,
Udaipur District To The Southeast, Sirohi District To The Southwest, Jalore District And Barmer District To The West, And Jodhpur District To The Northwest.

Pali District Climate
The Climatic Conditions Of Pali District Are Some What Different Than The Western Rajasthan. Although, Basically The Summer Season Raise The Temperature Upto 46-47 Degree
Centigrade At Peak Time In May-June , A Large Variation In Temperature  Is Found Due To Adjoining Green And Hilly Areas. Winters Are Moderately Cool During December-
Janruary  Lowering The Mercury To 4-5 Degree Centigrade Occasionally. Average Rainfall In The District During The Months Of July-October Is 300 Mm.

Pali District Details
District Pali
Headquater Pali City
Area (Km2) 12387
Division Jodhpur
Official Website http://www.pali.nic.in

Transportation In Pali District
Pali Is Well Connected By Road And Railways. Regular Government And Private Buses Are Available To Other Major Cities. Pali Railway Station Connects Pali With All The Major
Cities Of Rajasthan And Rest Of India. Jodhpur Airport Is The Nearest Airport To Pali District.